Down and Outlaws - San Francisco rock & roll band

 It’s not a common occurrence, but sometimes there is an unexpected surge of pride following the conclusion that a particular song has an impact. For us, it occurred while listening to “Imposter” on repeat. Indie Obsessive posts very few guitar-led, roots-Rock songs and there was concern that our tastes had gravitated away from such music. We don't want to see the edgy Rock image of ourselves in a rearview mirror. No problem! The track from Down and Outlaws isn’t a genre blend designed to please a wide audience. “Imposter” is a bold, aggressive, no-compromise Rock single that deserves attention. - Indie Obsessive

"The San Francisco-based band have delivered a fantastic, brooding number that resonates with the cinematic flair of the great Westerns or a Quentin Tarantino film. The gradual build of the song develops the drama, and Peter Danzig’s urgent vocals heighten his tremendous storytelling. He assumes the role of the Imposter who breaks any mirror in his way, who lives in the shadows, and who is not who you think he is. Deep inside is a dark secret, but no one will ever come close to finding out what it is." -

"What is most impressive... is just how much these songs swing, how much these songs roll. Down and Outlaws have mastered not only the art of rocking but the art of rolling." SF Sonic, review of "Above Snakes"

"Raw energy, blistering guitar leads and dirty vocals over thick bass lines and driving drums. Though their aesthetic is dark and brooding, they write songs that are smartly accessible." — San Franpsycho (Bands You Need to Know)

“Since banding together in 2012, the four guys of Down and Outlaws have been crafting a dirty blues rock sound that does not mess around — unadulterated rock and roll made with absolutely no traces of “indie” or lo-fi. They leave the fluff and filler at home in favor of gritty, grimy, whiskey-soaked tunes, bridging western blues vibes with classic rock and sounding exactly how an outfit called Down and Outlaws should sound. — The Bay Bridged

“Opening for Reignwolf were San Francisco’s Down and Outlaws and they made every moment of their blistering opening set count. These guys are rock and roll, playing gritty, driving songs that hit the marks for this photographer." —Vortex Magazine

"Down and Outlaws sets the tone for refined songwriting and tight technique in a genre often plagued by showy, loose compositions.” — East Bay Express

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